Missing the Mark

The Digital Marketing Skills Gap in USA, UK & Ireland

As the digital economy continues to experience huge global growth, digital transformation is wielding an inescapable influence on every organization across every industry. In order to survive, organizations have had to adapt their marketing methods and techniques to plan for their digital future.

Despite the growing demand for relevant digital marketing skills across industries, the number of professionals with the right digital know-how is in decline.

Did you know?

While 59% of marketers in the USA, 47% in the UK and 51% Ireland perceived themselves as very or fairly competent in digital marketing, the actual level of their skills is equally low across all 3 countries (38% on average).

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Companion

  • Perceived digital marketing skill levels vs actual
  • Organizational engagement with digital marketing
  • Digital training support across industries
  • Attitudes to digital marketing and technology
  • Challenges to organizations and staff
  • The future of digital marketing

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