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Institute Certifications Framework

The Digital Marketing Academy is an Authorised Partner of the world renowned Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland).

The Digital Marketing Institute Certification Framework defines the digital certification and progression routes available to students, professionals, educators and industry.

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Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council contributes to the development of internationally recognized and respected standards that support digital marketing education by ensuring the consistency of our industry-certified training.

With the help of the Industry Advisory Council, over 20,000 professionals have been equipped with the latest iterations of the industry’s leading digital products and trends…

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The Global Crisis in Digital Skills

The digital economy continues to experience huge global growth impacting on every organization across every industry. With digital marketing now an integral part of any business, the lack of skilled professionals is hindering an organization’s ability to successfully leverage digital.

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Companion

We want to make learning simple, accessible and convenient. That’s why we developed this textbook. Our digital marketing education textbook ‘The Art of Digital Marketing’ has been designed to integrate with our digital marketing course content so you can enjoy an all-inclusive learning experience. Guarantee your digital marketing strategy success with additional practical insights, action plans and case studies.